Montana is a great state for skiers and snowboarders. We get a lot of snow, and there are a lot of places in the state where you can take advantage of it.

Near Bozeman, Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort are popular ski areas that stay busy throughout the season. While both are popular, they are completely different. Bridger Bowl offers skiers and riders an experience that won't break the bank. On the other hand, Big Sky Resort is a cutting-edge resort that offers visitors the latest in modern technology and accommodations.

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As far as skiable acreage, Big Sky Resort takes the cake. It is one of the large ski resorts in the lower 48 when measured in skiable acreage.

I've been snowboarding since I was in 5th grade and love all that Montana has to offer. Many will agree that there's nothing quite like a powder day at Bridger Bowl. Granted, powder days are great, but are they better than a bluebird day?

In case you're wondering, a bluebird day is a bright, clear, sunny day that usually follows a recent snowstorm. The skies are clear and blue and you can see for miles.

On a true bluebird day, you can look south and see the Tetons from atop Lone Peak at Big Sky. Bluebird days can be truly majestic.

What do skiers in Montana think is better? A bluebird day or a powder day? Honestly, it's a difficult question to answer because both are incredibly unique. For instance, seeing the Tetons from Big Sky was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced while snowboarding.

What conditions do you prefer? Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts!

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