We're mere weeks away from the official start to the ski season in Montana and downhill winter sports enthusiasts can't wait for opening day on the slopes. Twisted Tea has hooked us up with another great prize for Hawk listeners, a new pair of skis.

Photo by Twisted Tea

Get Twisted!

Twisted Tea is the OG hard iced tea. With its freshly brewed ice tea flavor and that 5% alcohol kick, it's total refreshment. Try the Original, Half-n-Half, Peach, or any one of the awesome flavors. No carbonation means those Twisted Teas always go down smooth.

Photo by Trent Flager, Townsquare Media

Win the skis and get your picture taken at our front desk.

Last month, Twisted Tea hooked us up with a couple of Tailgate Party Packs. There's one of the winners, Ally H., claiming her prize recently (above) in our lobby.

For November, we have your chance to win a new pair of Elan Prodigy 175 cm skis from the party-people at Twisted Tea and 103.7 The Hawk. Snow-Online.com described these sweet skis like this,

Smooth Freestyle: If you're looking for good times in the park and pipe, the Prodigy delivers. Well balanced in the air designed to explore terrain features, this twin has you covered.

Check 'em out.

Photos by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

Use them yourself, re-gift them or hang them in your ski cabin as decor.

Not into freestyle skiing? No problem! We think that these 175 cm Elan Prodigy skis would also make a pretty awesome pair of shotskis or use them for decor in your ski condo/cabin. Do what you want. Get Twisted!

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