We are pretty fortunate people to be able to live in the great state of Montana. There are a lot of things to see and do. There are some pretty amazing natural features that this state has as well.

I came across something and thought to myself that this is a must-see for anyone that lives in the Treasure State.

If you did not know, we have 61 known hot springs in our state but this one really stood out to me.

It has a rich history, very nice accommodations and one of my favorites...ghosts.

If you are a true Montanan then you know the pool is called the plunge. In its hay day it was really popular because it was said to have healing qualities. Not so sure if that is true but I bet it feels great to take a dip in it.

Chico Hot Springs Facebook Page
Chico Hot Springs Facebook Page

It continues to be a local favorite but also attracts people from all over the world.

From what I see, it has much more than just the spa. They also do horse rides, rafting and have a pretty nice dining room, too.

My summer is filling up with trips I want to take, but I think this is going to be another for the family and I to see.

Have you been there?

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