A while back I blogged about a warning sign of becoming an "old man" (or, at least more like my dad). That first warning sign is when I spent most of the afternoon cleaning my tool box. Yep. That was pretty lame and very old-manish.

This week it happened again, when the customer appreciation sale flyer from my favorite hardware store showed up in the mail. "THREE DAYS ONLY!!!! Huge savings throughout the store! Amazing prize giveaways"!  Holy cow, I can't miss this.  Maybe I'll win the Traeger. I'll definitely use the 50% off coupons.

Here's how lame I am.... I'm so excited about this sale, that I actually stuck the flyer on the fridge with a magnet so the wife or kids don't throw it away.  Totally old man. Next, I'll be yelling at those damn neighbor kids to GET OFF MY LAWN!

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