I would like to think that I'm open-minded.  After all, it's your body, but ladies growing your armpit hair and then going to extreme and coloring it, too

I just don't understand.  Now, I have tattoos and piercings but just wouldn't think about growing out my armpit hair. I mean, single or not.  Who wants that bush under your arm

Was at a unnamed big box store over the weekend and saw this. There I was shopping for food and reach over to grab some ground beef and bam, hairy armpit.  Gross!  Then went online and found out that growing out your armpit hair is a thing.  Thanks to Hot Mom's Club writing this article.

Have you seen this yet here in Billings?  How do guys feel about this?  Maybe I need to grow out my armpit hair so I can find a date.  Is that what guys want?  Then what do we do, sit around and braid each other's armpit hair?  Sorry, I just couldn't do it.