Richard Rossberg is a respected businessman in Great Falls, Montana.  For over three decades, he's owned Mr. Salvage Motorcycles.  He also believes that legendary Doors singer Jim Morrison faked his death in 1971 and is now living above an abandoned bar in the nearby town Ulm, Montana.

In 2009, Rossberg met the man that he later came to believe was Jim Morrison.  As their friendship developed, Rossberg started putting the pieces together.  The conversations, the stories, and the man's poetry eventually lead him to one conclusion, he was now friends with Jim Morrison. Rossberg's experience encouraged him to write a book titled "Jim Morrison is Absolutely Alive", which was released in 2010.

As for the man Rossberg claims is Jim Morrison...well, he hasn't spoken publicly.  And even if he did, most people wouldn't believe him. After all, theories about Morrison's death have been floating around ever since the legendary Doors front man was discovered in the bathtub of a Paris Hotel in 1971.

If you're ever driving through Ulm, Montana, keep an eye out for Jim Morrison.  And while you're at it, look out for Elvis, Tupac and Jimmy Hoffa too.

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