Ozzy the grizzly bear at ZooMontana has a pretty decent record of picking who will win the Superbowl. So far, he's 6-1. His only flop was when he picked the Bronco's to win. I tell ya, this bear should hit the roulette tables in Las Vegas.

How does he pick? Well, the zoo makes two identical cakes. They are exactly the same, except one cake will have the 49'ers logo, and the other cake will have the Chiefs logo. Whichever one the bear eats first, will be the team predicted to win on February 2nd. The bear does his thing on Friday (1/24) at noon.

We caught up with Jeff The Nature Guy from ZooMontana today to chat about Ozzy's incredible winning streak. In case you missed the interview, you can take a listen here:


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