When it comes to grocery shopping, I prefer to order and have it ready for pickup in this post-covid era... rather than traverse Walmart and experience those who chose to wear items that are barely considered clothes. However, I've seen a lot of controversy about the Self-Checkout systems as of late... and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

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Why wouldn't you use it?

If I MUST go into a grocery store, I always flock to the self-checkout. Why? Usually, I have a handful of items only, and just want to blast through it without all the small talk. I grew up in this technological generation, so for me, it is just as easy as using an app on my iPhone.

I DO understand where some people are coming from, on wanting to stray from these machines and use the classic checker line. For one, if you have a full cart, you can be unloading it as the checker is scanning items. That makes sense. And for two, once you finish unloading, you can move to the other end, and begin loading the bagged items into your cart. It is much more efficient for LARGE grocery store runs.

Though, what baffles me, is seeing someone standing in a massive check-out line... with one item in hand. Why do this?

Afraid of technology

With the news of Walmart upgrading their Self-Checkouts with AI, so they watch what you do and every move you make, I can understand how that could scare someone. It's mainly in place to ensure everything that is scanned is accurate... with a focus on eliminating as much theft as possible. Though, having "big brother" watch over your every move, and storing your information in a database somewhere, can also be worrying.

What is the reason for skipping self-checkout for you? Or, do you use it every time you visit the store? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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