Driving down 24th street today I saw a bunch of bikers holding signs advising people to "Look Three Times".  Sounds like a smart plan to me.  Montana is such a beautiful place to ride, but so many drivers seem to paint the bikes invisible.

Just yesterday, we had a truck vs. motorcycle accident on the west-end.  Thankfully, the biker's injuries were non life threatening, but they certainly could have been.  At this point, no citations have been issued or charges filed, so I'm not sure who made the mistake.

Regardless of who was at fault yesterday, drivers need to pay extra attention this time of year, and bikers need to ride smart.  If you're a new rider, do yourself a favor and take one of the motorcycle safety courses right here in Billings.  Not only will you pick up some great advice for staying safe and dealing with drivers who aren't paying attention, but you typically end up with a discount on insurance.  It's worth it even if you already know how to ride.