Today, the Billings Logan International Airport released a statement via the City of Billings on the Ground Stop issued yesterday afternoon.

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In the statement, Airport Assistant Director of Aviation and Transit Shane Ketterling said the stoppage stretched from Helena to Billings and lasted around two hours from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

During this time, the airport had "very few flights", and in total delayed three flights. Two inbound, and one outbound. After the ground stop was lifted, flights continued as normal, and the two inbound planes were able to land late.

The Interesting Part

In the statement, they specifically called out the articles about the object in the sky:

We have read articles identifying an object in the sky as a spy balloon from China, but we do not have any comment on the balloon, or comment on photos/videos captured over Billings.

Essentially, Billings Logan International Airport is choosing to not confirm or deny that this item was indeed a Chinese Spy Balloon above Billings, Montana and that is what caused the Ground Stop for BIL.

Also interesting, is the fact the release was sent to the media today at 4:48 PM, well past the official announcement from the Pentagon confirming that the United States is tracking a "Suspected Chinese spy balloon" that has been flying over the US for a couple of days.

What does it matter?

At the end of the statement, they divert to the FAA Public Affairs Office:

For further information, please contact the FAA public affairs office at 206-231-2099.

I'm genuinely curious if they are choosing to steer clear of this, because they do not believe what the government has said, or simply have been overwhelmed by the amount of media on this balloon. I'm not trying to start any conspiracy theories here, however, something seems... off.

What do you think? Chinese Spy Balloon, rogue weather balloon, or advanced alien technology? (lol) Let us know on AppChat or on Facebook!

(Source: Victoria Hill, Public Information Officer for the City of Billings - Release Screenshot Below)

Credit: City of Billings / Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: City of Billings / Josh Rath, TSM

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