A joint effort from the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, will help connect lost dogs around Billings with their owners, according to an announcement made on the YVAS Facebook page.

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter says they have helped reunite 88 percent of the lost dogs in our county over the past two years, and with the new partnership with the Sheriff's Office, hope to "save more lives" and "reunite more lost dogs."

According to the press release, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter will now take all lost dogs found in Yellowstone County, and will "work diligently to find the owners." Dogs that aren't claimed, or have been released by their owners, will be placed up for adoption.

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Having one location for lost dogs in the county will "alleviate confusion for owners and result in even more dogs reunited," according to the  YVAS press release.

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter encourages owners to first check YVAS.org for their lost pets, and submit a lost animal report when their pet is missing.

If you've lost your animal, CLICK HERE to submit a Lost Pet Report to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

CLICK HERE to see the Lost and Found Animals at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Another exciting change for YVAS and the dogs of Yellowstone County!

Our biggest hope is that this new partnership...

Posted by Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter on Monday, March 8, 2021

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter also announced that a Canine Enrichment Workshop is planned for Sunday, March 14 at the new YVAS Learning Center, located at 2010 Grand Avenue.

This is an interactive workshop for you and your dog, with "instructions for DIY puzzles, games, and you'll also learn how to make a snuffle mat for your bored pup at home."

Registration is $30, and includes a slow-feeder dog bowl and materials to create your snuffle mat space, but space is limited for the Canine Enrichment Workshop.

For more information about the YVAS workshop, CLICK HERE.

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