No one was injured in a fire that devastated a Billings Heights residence on Tuesday morning (5/18), according to a post on the Billings Firefighters Instagram page.

Billings Police were already on-scene of the fire in the 600 block of Joyce Circle when firefighters arrived and discovered the "residence was engulfed at the rear of the structure."

Credit: Johnny Vincent

According to the report from @BillingsFireFighters on Instagram, fire crews were "able to make a quick knock down but fire had encroached on the void spaces requiring extensive overhaul."

Credit: Google

Standby call-in crews for the Billings Fire Department were "recalled to staff stations" once the BFD team on scene had the fire under control, due to a high call volume for other emergencies throughout the city, according to the post on Instagram.

@205fire shared several photos of the Joyce Circle fire on Instagram, reporting that Billings Fire Local 521 "had the fire knocked down quick and ultimately extinguished. Strong work."

The Google Maps photo below shows the residence from a 2015 image:

Credit: Google

This story will be updated if more information about the fire becomes available.

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