Just before we wrapped up our conversation with School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham in Billings, I figured I better ask him a couple more quick questions. Will there be a prom, and will there be a graduation this year? Graduation yes. Prom no.

Superintendent Upham joined us on the radio Thursday morning. We talked about how Billings students who, for whatever reason, decided to spend the past year in remote learning despite the fact that Billings schools have been open 5 days a week since the start of the 2020-2021 school year. A report by KTVQ-TV back in February noted that Billings students who chose to do remote learning are "years behind" due to the pandemic.

What does a return to normal look like, and how soon will that take place? Upham said he hopes to have a return to normal come May, so that students end the year with a return to normal that will look like how the school year next year will start.

For now, Upham said the schools remain in a transition phase. That means mask requirements remain. While the schools have begun holding more events, and have opened back up for volunteers to enter the buildings, during the transitional phase they are requiring volunteers to be vaccinated before entering the building. The vaccine requirement does not sound like it will be a long-term requirement but is being used during the transition phase.

A return to normal, that sounds like no masks if you ask me. What does Upham think? Will students still be required to wear masks next Fall? Will someone with the union try to shut down any return to normalcy? Listen to the full conversation with SD2 Superintendent Greg Upham on our podcast below:

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