I am a music snob.... I know, what a pain.  I like to watch great musicians. Otherwise I just get frustrated and leave.  Hell, as someone who went to school for recording I'm just a pain if it sounds like crap, I've walked out.

Look, I came by it naturally.  My father owned a live sound company growing up, then I went to school for recording and after that married a musician.  Now you know why I am this way.

Zen played Bacon Fest last weekend and what a treat.  Next time you have the opportunity to see them play.  Don't miss it.  Fronted by a women with a killer voice and great personality.  Frank Wilson, what a voice and Art was fun to watch on the guitar.  The drummer didn't miss a beat and Brad (bass player) was on point.

We've got some great local musicians here in Billings.  We are so lucky!