From the looks of this video black bears and grizzly bears are not friendly with each other and this black bear is lucky.

Glacier National Park posted a video on their Facebook of a visitor catching an interaction between a black bear and a grizzly bear and let's just say grizzly bears aren't friendly just to people, apparently they aren't fans of black bears. Here's the video from Facebook.

Credit: Glacier National Park via Facebook

Luckily the black bear is an expert at climbing trees to escape danger and the grizzly bear doesn't have any climbing skills. If they ever develop those skills we are all in real trouble. It's incredible that this visitor was able to catch this encounter and how this situation could have gone bad for the black bear.

Grizzly bears are larger than black bears and can be hostile during these early months of the summer due to scarce food sources. So that means all animals including black bears are trying to keep their distance from grizzly bears and not get in their way.

Just a reminder to everyone visiting national parks in Montana, whether you are going to Glacier or Yellowstone, make sure you always been on the lookout for bears. Keep at least a 100-yard distance between you and the bear and if you can travel in groups so bears are more likely to stay away.

Respect the wildlife and you will be safe and have a great time.

For more details, check out Glacier National Park.

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