Bon Scott is getting the biopic treatment, whether the surviving members of AC/DC like it or not.

That's what film producer Rob Liotti vows, anyway. Opening up about his struggle to film a tribute to the singer's life and legacy, Liotti spent part of a recent interview explaining that recent unauthorized movies about Jimi Hendrix and Judas Priest have paved the way for his own passion project, tentatively titled 'Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorized.'

"The Hendrix and Priest films clear the way for this project -- although I felt confident all along. We have a First Amendment right to tell this story, and we have the ability to utilize the Fair Use Doctrine in assisting us to do so. We’re trying to educate the public about this guy’s life and tribulations. What the hell is the problem with that?"

It's a fair question, and one he'll probably find himself posing repeatedly to AC/DC's representatives; as Liotti noted, the group has gone out of its way to stonewall his efforts. "The band’s lawyers went so far as to forbid me from speaking to ‘current or former members.’ Come on -- they’re reaching," he sighed. "I talk to some of these people. There’s zero harm in that, let alone anything illegal."

Arguably most frustrating for Liotti is that he's simply trying to pay tribute. "With Malcolm Young’s departure in addition to Bon being deceased, the respect needs to flow both ways," he argued. "I fully support their artistic efforts -- I expect the same in return."

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