David Kime Jr. wasn't the kind to check the nutritional content of his food. According to the World War II veteran's daughter Linda Phiel her dad's idea of a healthy meal was "lettuce on his burger."

Despite his old-fashion eating habits, the York, Pennsylvania man lived to the ripe old age of 88. And when he did die last week, his friends and family decided Kime's funeral should include a not-so-healthy Burger King meal.

During the procession, the cars and hearse passed through his local Burger King's drive-thru window, where each mourner ordered themselves a burger. Then a Whooper Jr.  (Kime's preferred sandwich) was placed on top of his flag-draped coffin.

Although Burger King was his favorite, Kime was also well-known at the other fast food joints in the York area.

"He was not prejudiced," Phiel said. "He would go to any fast food place anyone invited him to."

Employees at the Burger King were touched that they were chosen to fill Kime's last order.

"It's nice to know he was a loyal customer up until the end – the very end," said restaurant manager Margaret Hess.

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