We've all ran across that unruly child in the aisles of the local grocery store. The ones that make you wonder to yourself, "Where are the parents?". Then when you see the inattentive mother checking their Facebook on a smartphone, completely oblivious that they have utterly failed as a parent, you wish there was something you could do to shut the little brat up. Or at least make mommy dearest realize that she's not the only person on the planet currently shopping for moderately priced produce.

Every once in awhile a hero appears in the war against our increasingly self absorbed society. A Guy Bought Every Apple Pie at a Burger King So the Obnoxious Kid Behind Him Couldn't Get One.

I can't PROVE this is real . . . but I sure hope it is.

A guy says he was at a Burger King after a really bad day, and a woman and her kid got in line behind him.  She was on her phone, and the kid was out of control . . . yelling, hitting her, and going on and on about how he wanted a, quote, "[effing] apple pie."

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So the guy asked the woman if she could quiet the kid down, because he had a headache.  But the woman yelled that it was none of his business how she raised her kid, called her kid "sweetie," and promised he'd have his apple pie soon.

Then when the guy finally got to the front of the line, he asked how many apple pies they had in stock.  They told him 23.  And he bought ALL of them, just so the kid couldn't get one.

As he walked away with the pies, he heard the woman yelling at the clerk asking how they could be out of apple pies.

Consumerist.com is doing a poll on what the guy did:   55% say it was a brilliant lesson for the mom and the kid, 4% say the guy was a jerk for doing it, and 40% say the guy wasn't mean ENOUGH, he should have handed the pies out to everyone ELSE.



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