I have a little confession to make. And some of the people above me on our station's company ladder aren't going to like it.

I don't like Jason Aldean's songs. I know, right?

Way back when I started in this business you weren't allowed to say anything that wasn't positive about an artist or one of their songs. You also couldn't play two songs by females in a row, or two slow ones back to back, but that's a different story.

I got in trouble for saying that I didn't like a Freddy Fender song. And my boss cited the whole spiel about how "our company does exhaustive research on every song, so every song we play is somebody's favorite song".

So the next time one of Mr. Fender's songs came up for airplay I introduced it by saying "here is SOMEBODY'S favorite song." Yeah, I got another talking to.

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Nowadays a lot of people aren't getting the only music they ever listen to from top hits country radio. And you've got artists who never get their stuff played on local radio stations even though they're already selling a lot of downloads elsewhere.

Cody Jinks, Whiskey Meyers, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell are trending and selling tons of downloads and concert tickets without having a number one song on terrestrial radio.

Isbell even got to do a song with Sheryl Crow called "Everything's Broken". He's now off and touring with her.

Obviously, when you're in my position where you hear the same stuff over and over (and over) every single day, some songs are not going to be your favorite.

And for me, Jason Aldean is just one artist that I can live without.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about Dan & Shay.


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