Every morning when I arrive at the Townsquare Tower, one of the first things I get at is editing the Breakfast Flakes Podcasts. Yep, I am the mystery man behind your beloved Flakes Podcast. Normally, this is a pretty easy process (thanks to the last 2 YEARS of making it faster), however, today... something just wanted to ruin my day.


In radio, there are two programs we use daily (depending on your company). Either Audacity, a free audio editing program, or Adobe Audition, an expensive subscription-only audio editor that works really well.

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Well, it works really well 99.99% of the time. But, that .01%... is when everything goes kablooey! And that is exactly what happened to me today.



Long story short, our fancy Adobe Audition decided to say Paul's famous line from the radio... "Go to hell!"... to my face, and deleted ALL of my settings.

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So... what now?

Essentially, I get the luxury of spending a few hours setting up presets, rearranging windows, fixing settings, and more... all to bring YOU, our listeners, great radio and podcasts.

Besides, without Adobe Audition... this would have taken a LOT longer than a few minutes to make.

Oh, and fun fact... we're hiring for a Market Engineering Manager. No, not the type of engineer who produces music. This engineer is, essentially, an RF Engineer. More details below, if you wanna come work with cool people... and occasionally hear yelling happen at Adobe Audition.

What are your thoughts?

Do you like to see behind the curtain now and again? What things about radio have you curious? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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