Kris Edwards

Get An Alexa Device For Under 15 Bucks
Amazon Prime Day (which is actually 2 days) starts at 3 a.m. eastern time on Monday, July 15th, but there are a few early deals you can grab right now. It's no surprise that some of the best discounts are on Amazon devices. If you've wanted to get into the smart speaker craze, but didn&apo…
Could This Be The New Montana Farm Truck?
Most of the people I know who actually use their truck as a tool to do serious work are pretty pretty brand loyal. Ford, Ram, GMC...whatever camp they're in, it's typically not easy to talk them out of it. However, I'm wondering how many people would switch teams if the Tesla truck de…
You Don't Need A Fancy Ride for a Good Time
I don't know who was driving it, but here's what I imagine his day was like. He figured he couldn't let such a nice Saturday go by without doing some fishing. He throws his gear on this beat up beast and heads out to a convenience store to grab the fishing necessities: live bait and…
"Dad Skills" On The Decline
My dad has taught me a lot over the years. He's still better than I am at pretty much all of it, but the basic "dad skill" I have, I owe to him. Apparently, these little things I take for granted are on the decline across the country.
Carnival At Rimrock Mall
I've loved carnivals since back when I thought being a carnie was probably the greatest job in the world. These days, even though I question the safety of the rides and the life choices of some of the employees, I still get a nostalgic feeling wandering around and will probably ride a few thing…
Who's The Packrat In Your Family?
She doesn't want to part with anything. I put things in the pile to sell and as soon as she notices it's, "Hey, you can't sell that. I love that!", even though it's been in her closet, untouched, for two years.
Billings Castle On The Market
If you put 20% down, you're looking at monthly payments of just over $82,000. It's just a little out of my reach, but for the select few who could use and can afford a castle (or want to see additional photos), here is the official listing.
Could You Stand Being Constantly Recorded At Your Job?
For hundreds of drivers who spend hours alone in the cab, big brother is now trained right on their face. These cameras are typically triggered by actions (such as braking too hard) as opposed to constantly recording, but all of the drivers that I know find them invasive.
Any Good Deals At Shopko?
June 16th is the estimated final day of the Shopko store on King Ave. West in Billings. The sign out front boasts items for up to 80% off. I stopped in today and they still have some inventory (more empty shelves than full), but I saw very few "deals" left.
Community Garden Update - A Few Spots Remain
I have to say, this is one of the best things I've done in years as far as parenting goes. My daughter is actually excited about working in the garden. Amazed by the miracle of getting food from the earth (it is amazing after all). I'm overjoyed to see her so excited about something tha…
Billings Pools Open Next Week
On Wednesday, June 5th, both Rose Park and South Park pools will be open for business. Cheap fun and healthy exercise (definitely better than sitting on the couch playing Fortnite).

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