Last week when I went to fire up my trusty old gas grill, it was out of gas. Of course. I've been meaning to purchase a back-up propane tank for some time, just for situations like this. Unfortunately, I had been drinking beer most of the afternoon and was in no shape to run to the hardware store to get my tank refilled. Now what? The meat was ready to cook, the family was starving and I was out of options. Until...

I remembered that I had a bag of charcoal briquettes in the shed. Eureka! I found my portable little camping grill and wiped out the cobwebs. I worried for a minute about how I was going to light it since I couldn't immediately locate any lighter fluid. BUT! It turned out that I was smart enough to toss the lighter fluid in the bag of charcoal when I shoved it all in the shed five years ago. Smart me. Every once in a while I surprise myself.

Anyway, I got the coals nice and toasty and grilled away. I kind of forgot how pleasant it is to cook with charcoal. Yes, it takes a little longer, which actually turned out to be kind of nice. The smell is so much better than when using my gas grill. There were virtually no flare-ups. And yes, contrary to what I've always argued with my charcoal grilling buddies, food DOES taste better with charcoal. Delicious, smoky flavored meat that you just don't get on a propane grill.

If you are grilling this weekend, what's your preference? Take my poll:

Happy Grilling!


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