Actor Charlie Sheen allegedly / apparently had a lot to drink at the Guns N’ Roses Palladium show in Los Angeles Friday night (March 9), and offered some enthusiastic if slurred thoughts afterwards.

“Where’s Slash?” the much-discussed Hollywood “bad boy” demands in the TMZ video below, and it’s hard to tell if that’s a commentary about something lacking in the band’s current lineup, or if Sheen is merely seeking directions to a party. The same type of question hangs over his “billion dollar concert, period, the end” statement — does he mean that night’s show was excellent, or that a full GNR reunion is the only thing worth that kind of money?

Sheen is much more clear when asked about his favorite Guns N’ Roses songs, quickly citing the drug addiction tale ‘Mr. Brownstone’ (and tweaking his own image by adding “imagine that!”), and as an impressively tasteful follow-up, ‘Rocket Queen,’ which he correctly labeled as “a masterpiece.”

Then, with a possibly joking political prediction — “Palin 2012!” — and some actually rather well-timed joking banter about his partying ways, Sheen was off in his sleek black car, presumably to plop down in front of a laptop and file a full written review before his deadline hit.

Watch Charlie Sheen Leaving the Guns N’ Roses Show

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