Yesterday I was Grumpy.  At my age I can pull off grumpy.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am not a grumpy person.  Even Sam Talkington came in today and said he saw my post from yesterday and said I looked grumpy.  Ok, Sam, you have known me for 25 years.  I'm not grumpy.  I might have had a bad day yesterday.  When my wife looked at yesterday's post, she said what the h@#L.  Today when I came back to work, Ashley, our front office manager told me to "Cheer Up Buttercup".  After I heard that, I simmered down.  Oh sure, my gutter replacement has turn in to a "roof replacement" but....Baseball starts soon, my childhood friends still call and we go for coffee on Saturday, and Ashley gives me crap, my wife and kids love me and I get to talk on the radio like I have for 37 years.  I'm really not grumpy.  Have to get work to do in the yard,

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