I was told I was an old grumpy man today.  Not just by a co-worker, but by co-workers!  I guess when you get to my age things tick me off.  I was trying to come to work on Saturday.  I know what a concept that someone works on the weekend.  On my way down North 27th, I had to be diverted to get to work while people wanted to protest about guns.  Has anyone thought about not guns but mental health?  I am not trying to fuel the fire.  I just wanted to work.  Then, I guess I got grumpy.  I went to work, went home and worked around the house, built a cabinet for my wife, cleaned out the garage...I know, grumpy.  I want to scream that I don't have time to protest.  I have things to do.  I know the 17 year old kids are excited to get a chance to vote everyone out of office if they don't conform.  ( I learned that in a class in high school 40 years ago, it's not a new concept.)  It's called an election and it happens every 2 and 4 years!)  Turn 18 and vote, don't tell this old grumpy man what to do.  Whew, done, with the grump, going home to work on my gutters.

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