Yet another study to tell us what we already know. And if this is news to you, then my guess is you are probably working on your second divorce... dumbass.

"Happy wife, happy life" isn't just a cliché dads tell their sons on their wedding day.  Science just PROVED it.

A new study from Rutgers University in New Jersey found that the BIGGEST key to a happy marriage is how happy the WOMAN is.

If she's happy, her husband tends to be happier too.  And if she's UNhappy, her husband tends to be unhappy too.  It's very rare that there's a couple where the husband is satisfied and happy in the marriage and his wife isn't.

The researchers say, quote, "When a wife is satisfied with the marriage, she tends to do a lot more for her husband, which has a positive effect on his life."

In conclusion fellas, there will always be those who will never be happy. If you married one of those... well, your hosed. But if you have a good woman, it's pretty simple. Don't be a douche. Yep. It's just that easy!


happy wife

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