Whenever the temperatures start dropping, I tend to see posts on social media about "life hacks" to deal with the cold. This year, I decided to try a couple of recipes which claimed to replace one of my least favorite winter chores: Scraping ice off of the windshield.

The first thing I tried was a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water (3:1 ratio of alcohol to water). I put the solution into a cheap spray bottle and applied it liberally to my icy windshield. At first, it appeared to be working. I could instantly see the interior of my car which had just been a blur moments before. After I got inside I realized that it was still a blur...certainly too blurry to drive. The windshield wipers made it look worse. It was like I had smeared Vaseline all over the glass.

The other miracle life hack to defeat ice on auto glass is vinegar and water. This gave exactly the same results as the alcohol.

In both cases, the ice came off easier, but I probably emptied half of my washer fluid getting the windshield clear again.

It seems to me that the best way to avoid ice scraping is a "life hack" I like to call: Warming up the car. If you've got a better idea, feel free to share.

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