Wow, this was a shocker to me, for sure. I live near China Bistro, and I just got dinner from there right before New Year's, without an indication or sign to be had that the place was going south.

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Bye Bye, Friend

China Bistro, packed into the strip mall attached to the 12th & Grand Albertsons here in Billings, has suddenly closed up shop. Known for their large buffet of Chinese American Cuisine, it's a sad thing for me to see leave.

In fact, China Bistro was the first place I ordered from when I moved to Billings back in 2019 (Known as China Buffet at the time, but owned by the same owners), as my apartment was on 7th and Lewis was right by it (I've moved since then, but not too far). And when COVID took hold in 2020, the first place I ordered from (because they were the only ones brave enough to do it) was China Bistro.

I'll really miss this place.

Facebook Flurries

I only found out thanks to one local, Randy M, on Billings Customer Service Watchdog on Facebook. A commenter, Randi T, said they saw their equipment being sold on Facebook Marketplace. Also, Londa S saw them loading chairs into trucks on Wednesday. And, Asia A. chimed in to say "I'm selling their home".

What are your thoughts?

Are you sad to see this long-time buffet close down in Billings? What should replace it in the Grand Center? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

(P.S.... Dang it. Now I have to drive to Miles City for my Chinese food...)

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