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This weekend, in between some remotes on Saturday, I spent a lot of time digging through the Billings Food Truck Tracker to see what new, and returning, Food Truck options are coming to Billings this season.

However, one thing I sat on, and thought long and hard about, was the PRICE of things in a food truck. When looking at the cost of these items at a Food Truck, many of the trucks around town ARE charging fair pricing. However, too many of you seem to HIDE your menu... and pricing. Why?

Maybe They KNOW They Charge Too Much?

I am curious as to where some food truck owners get off thinking they can charge $15 - $20 for something delivered in a styrofoam container... when you can go sit down at one of our MANY fabulous locally-owned restaurants around town and receive something of equal or even BETTER quality... for the same price.

I get it. "BUT THE CONVENIENCE!!!!!" But but but but but. It's all buts. Yes, having these food trucks scattered around town does offer convenience. But just convenience is good enough to jack up the prices?


One of the BIGGEST offenses I have seen with our Food Truck scene is simply trying to FIND a price on items. Why are you afraid to share that information with people? The price doesn't change daily... and surprising people at the window with a crazy price tag isn't helping the issue.

For example... For some food trucks I have had to zoom into the photos they post... to try and squint and make out the blurry pricing they have scribbled on a board, separate from the menu.

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Maybe I'm jaded on this, and just flat tired of the BS with inflation and more... but, look for yourself. Pick your favorite food truck, visit their website (or Facebook, or whatever they have chosen to use... that is another issue), and see if YOU can find pricing.

And, before you react, I'd request you simply do what I did. Look at these prices... and see just how badly we are being taken.

Those Who Do It RIGHT

Rather than calling out those who do it poorly... I want to thank those trucks who are being fair, and not trying to hide anything. I know plenty more people beyond myself appreciate that little bit of extra work you do.

  • Sumou Sushi
    • Easy to find a menu, pricing all nicely lined out, and essentially equal to a sit-down joint. NICE!
  • Mom's Kitchen
    • Again, the recently posted menu shows pricing and took 2 seconds to find. Gold star!
  • Montana Melt
    • One of the first Billings food trucks I ever had. Pricey? Yes. Not hiding their pricing? Also yes. Worth it? It depends on how badly you want one of their special melts.
  • Antoinette's Cajun Cuisine
    • Found the menu fast and easy, VERY clear to read (THANK YOU).
  • Tastes So Good
    • Found the menu literally on their first post, from today. And pricing is on par with other upscale burger joints in town.
  • Mac Shack
    • Admittedly, I have an obsession with this truck. But, I am a mac and cheese lover. I don't even have to search for theirs, as they post it WITH their schedule. Very nice!
  • Boomin Boba Bubble Teas
    • Again, tapped into their page from the Food Truck Tracker... and boom. Menu, and pricing. Nice.
  • Tup Tim Thai
    • I've had this truck many times. The menu is nice and simple, with highlighted pricing. Just how it should be!
  • Evergreen Cafe
    • Their mobile truck shares a menu online anytime they are out and about. No surprises, ever. 5 gold stars!
  • The Pink Cow
    • Menu is shared publically on their Facebook as it changes based on where they go, with pricing.
  • Happy Tummy Kusina
    • They used to share the menu quite often. The last one is from last year... but I expect they will start doing that again soon.
  • Mama Joan's
    • The menu is proudly displayed front and center, and the owner reached out to tell me this:
      • We take pride in our product, and our bread is made from scratch daily with multiple ingredients.
  • Luscious Layers
    • The owners reached out and shared some information on their truck, too.
      • Their menu is available via the QR Code on the side of the truck (It's HUGE), and they have paper copies as well.
      • All items are handmade. The smash burgers are 100% ground beef patties and are made with Wheat Montana Buns. (HECK YES!)
    • Beyond food cost increases, one thing I was enlightened to is that insurance costs on these food trucks have increased as insurance providers are choosing to not cover those vehicles.
      • Also, the State of Montana tacked on more requirements this year, forcing Food Truck owners to install Fire Suppression Systems. News to me! But... that is why we ask and learn. That had to be a pain in the...
      • Visit Their Website for their menu, too.
  • Let's Get Fresh
    • Their menu is also available online and easily found. Certainly higher on the end of pricing, though, I've heard nothing but amazing comments about it... so I think they get a pass.
      • (That Chicken Bacon Wrap has my attention)
  • Little Red Wagon
    • They reached out and shared their thoughts with us.
      • Their menu is public and easily found, too!
      • One note they mentioned: Most events charge food trucks a fee, or a percentage of sales to attend the event. For example, the Metra is an automatic $150 fee for a weekend (excluding the fair), but during events such as the gun show, RV shows, and others.
        • (Interesting... Skimming a bit off the top of the ones working hard for their money.)

Did I miss your truck? Shoot me an email, and I'll add you to the list. And, if you want to start sharing the menu and pricing with the world... rather than just surprising us at the window... I'll even add your truck to the list too. But, if your pricing is outrageous... I might have something to say about it.

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