Well, it happened!  Garth Brooks was in town! 3 days, 5 concerts, 50,000 of his best friends.  Traffic was a mess and why wouldn't it be.  All of the people excited to see a concert, maybe the last time for the "Elvis" of our time.  Where I live in town, there was the potential for non stop traffic for those three days.  I live on a major street in Billings that offers easy access from West Billings to Rimrock Auto Arena.  I could imaging the loud traffic to and from the event(s).  The potential for garbage being thrown from the cars and landing in my yard would be real.  A traffic light 2 blocks away insured the traffic would be bottle necked and idling in front of my house.  Everyone, and mean just about everyone I know was going to go to one or more of the shows.  Pre-concert weekend was upon me and panic was just about to set in, when my wife reminded me we were going to Glasgow, Montana for a family function.  Stress left me!  I instead of panic mode all weekend was on the highline of MT.  I even drove from Glasgow, north to visit my wife's sister in Ophiem, MT on their farm.  Looking out their back door I gazed at Canada just 10 miles away.  No cars, no noise, no garbage,  just a few deer and farmland.  As we made our way back to Billings, we stopped in Grass Range to grab a pop and chips and the little store off the side of the road.  Seemed oddly busy.  While buying the chips the lady behind the counter asked if we were concert goers. "Nope, just making our way back home".  As drove from Roundup to Billings the road got more and more conjested.  Where is everyone going on a Sunday Morning?  My wife reply was...GARTH.  I forgot, 2 shows on Sunday.  The good news is there was not a ton of traffic, no garbage, no bottle neck in front of my house.  You might has seen Garth, I saw Montana and Canada, maybe next time.

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