I've come across a new lunch date idea for me and my wife. Food Truck Wednesday. Now wait, let me explain. My wife works at a Medical facility in Billings. On Wednesdays they have a food truck out in the parking lot. Since her work is only a couple blocks from me I decided to walk over for lunch. Then it hit me, why not drive around town on Wednesdays and try the different food trucks. I know there is one on Broadwater for Taco's, the old throwback hamburger truck is out there and I've seen a couple of Chain food trucks. I'm curious about the food truck that sits in Gainans parking lot on Poly, since I believe Gainans is closed at that location. I think they just like the parking lot because has a lot of shade. I look at this new date idea as adventure. Spend the lunch hour driving all over Billings to find Food Trucks. Of course we might run out of time...Maybe this isn't such a good idea. WAIT! I see a fish n chips truck heading down north 27th! Got to go!

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