The swimming pools in Billings opened today at noon.  I'm sure the pools are busy today, but what happens in a couple of weeks?  The fun wears off and is it back to cell phones, video games and TV?  Not to sound like an old man, but here I go with the, "When I was your age" speech.

Summer break was the best when I was a kid.  Playing pick-up baseball and basketball games with my friends.  We would walk from 24th street west to the South Side, just to hang out, outside with our friends.  Of course, we didn't have all of the electronic gadgets back then, so I can't say we wouldn't have used them, but, that aside, summer break was a chance to make true friendships.  We would talk about life.

As kid, struggling to grow up, talk to someone else your age helped.  Not texting, but actually talking face-to-face.  Staying out all day and night until our parents would literally yell down the street it was time to come in for dinner (They had to yell, because we weren't connected to a cell phone).

The next day would bring the next adventure.  I'm not down on technology, it's not going away, nor should it, but the interaction with friends during summer break was great.  So, for the kids, I hope they go swimming.  If they get bored after a couple of weeks, build a fort, go to the park and play ball, or just sit in the back yard with your best friend and discover your personalities.  Enjoy summer.

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