The extraordinarily hot summer we are experiencing is becoming more and more difficult to chalk up as "just a hot year." I've lived in Montana for most of my life and I've never seen a 114 degree reading on my car thermometer. For that matter, I've don't recall ever witnessing the reported high of 106 at Billings Logan International Airport.

But this story isn't really about climate change. It's about something much more awesome... rooftop pools. Like the ones you'll find at fancy hotels in big cities. Or, at the lavish new Kimpton Armory Hotel in Bozeman. I believe it's the only hotel in Montana with a rooftop pool.

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It was so hot today, you could bake cookies in your car.

The National Weather Service Billings actually baked chocolate chip cookies in a car at their West End office (where they recorded 111 degrees) and I saw Billings popping up on social media memes as the hottest place in the nation. This wasn't entirely true... Death Valley, CA hit 117 today (7/19). But still, 106 to 111 (+/-)  in late July was unseasonably hot for Billings.

Billings needs more pools... pools with a view. For adults.

Photo by Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

The 406 Kitchen and Taproom Rooftop Pool

If summers are in fact going to become longer and hotter due to climate change in Billings, the 406 Kitchen and Taproom could lead the charge with my wild idea for rooftop pools. They've already got a fantastic view. Their pool would be a little on the smallish side, as their roof isn't huge, but it would be good start. Imagine ordering up another tray of drinks, pool-side at the 406.

Photos by Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

The Hooligans Rooftop Party Pool

The old Montana Power building in the heart of downtown Billings would be an awesome spot for a rooftop party-pool. This pool would absolutely be 21+ and would stay open till 2 AM on hot summer nights. They'll probably want to keep the chlorine levels high.

Photos by Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

The Petroleum Club would become the Billings Beach Club.

High atop the DoubleTree Hotel would be an obvious choice for a deluxe rooftop pool in Billings. This one could be all-ages, since it's a hotel. Somebody would have to remove our offices on the top floor to really make it work, and I'm okay with that if we can covert our studios into pool-side cabanas.

Photo by Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

The Grand Montana Rooftop Pool.

I wrote about signs of life at the former Holiday Inn Grand Montana earlier this spring. The hotel is now open, sort of. Only the top two floors are available, as renovations on the main tower continue. The desk clerk I spoke with said the rest of the building is slated to be demolished and various options are being considered for the property. I should have told her about my awesome idea for a rooftop pool! It would surely help bring the property back to life.

Photo by TSM Billings

The biggest rooftop pool in Billings could go atop the library.

While the view wouldn't be quite as stunning as the 23rd floor, this pool could be HUGE and accommodate all ages. Heck, you could make one side a "kids pool" and the other side 18+ for those who want to grab a book and an iced coffee and lay by the pool under a nice umbrella. With oversized sunglasses, of course.

Photo by Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

How about a pool that hangs over the Rims?

This would be my most outrageous proposal. It's not a rooftop... but hear me out. A glass-bottom pool that hangs out over the Rims would be EPIC. Come on Billings, let's make this pipe dream happen.

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