No matter what I do and how clean and tidy I keep my place, I ALWAYS end up with some flying insects in my house. Ugh.

All The Flies

Be it fruit flies, thanks to not emptying my trash daily... house flies here to torture me and drive me bonkers... or moths from the light outside my door, forever destined to run face first into my lamp until they die... I always seem to have something flying around in my house during the summer.

What Options Do You Have?

In years past, I have gone with the little red apple fly traps. The manufacturer claims that this little trap attracts fruit flies with the smell of the "special food-based liquid lure"... which smells horrible to me.

My issue with this little thing was easy. I would end up bumping something into it, knocking it over, and spilling the fluid all over. Making my situation just that much more annoying!

And sure, you can go the DIY route with apple cider vinegar, mixed with dish soap, in a jar somewhere in your house... but that still is prone to being knocked over by me, or someone else. Plus, it only takes care of one flying insect. Isn't there something that attracts ALL flying annoyances?

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Yes, There Finally Is.

Earlier this summer, I went to King's Ace Hardware and picked up this new device (which was blowing up online thanks to rave reviews) called the Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit from Zevo.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM / Canva
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM / Canva

Instead of attracting fruit flies with a sweet scent... this device plugs into the wall, illuminating a combo of blue and UV lights, to attract the little jerks 24/7. And it WORKS, without the smell, or mess.

How well did it work? Well, I didn't replace the sticky trap inside the unit for all summer. I just let it be (mainly because I kept forgetting to buy a new cartridge) and when I went to change it yesterday, it was covered.

Fruit flies, flies, moths, mosquitoes... you name it, it lured those little idiots in and they spent their days stuck to it until no more.

And before you think I am paid by this company... I wish. It's just genuinely a great product, and worth your money. You can find this trap at the Ace Hardware around town (and of course, Walmart and such... but we support local businesses in this house)

What are your thoughts?

Do you also have issues with insects in the summer? What is your solution? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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