Two weeks ago, we reported on the news of Mary Jackson (AKA Crazy Mary) suffering a massive heart attack, sidelining her and her newly-reopened Crazy Mary's Fish N Chips Food Truck, hoping the community would come together to help with medical bills and to wish her the best in her recovery. Today, Mary shared an update on her fight.

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Billings Chips In

Thanks to you, our loyal listeners, and many more in Billings and far beyond, the GoFundMe for Mary reached $19,520 as of writing. An amazing amount, to help an amazing local who has gone above and beyond for others in her time.

Credit: GoFundMe
Credit: GoFundMe

If you'd like to chip in, I'm sure Mary would appreciate anything more. Click the button below to do so.

Thank you to all for helping! I greatly appreciate it, and we know Mary does too.

Weak, But Still A Champ

Today on the Billings Food Truck Tracker Facebook group, Mary shared details on the situation that landed her in the hospital this past week:

Hello world, I'm still here but barely.

I have suffered a heart attack pretty bad and recovering at home right now.

My first shout out is for Cajan Phattys for the love and support that you done for me. I want to thank you personally in person when I'm up to it.

And Thank you Billings for all the prayers, cause I have been fighting with some heavy demons, and without your prayers I would still be fighting.

My heart has taken a beating and only running at 25 percent. It's gonna be a little while until I can get back to work. Hopefully. So I or God it's up to.

So for the next month it's going to be iffy. I'll try to keep updating sorry it took so long.

(Editors Note: I have cleaned up the paragraph a bit to be easier to read, and removed emojis as our sites do not support them.)

We're Glad You're Alright

From all of us here at Townsquare Media, Mary, we are overjoyed that you have pulled through, and are fighting back against that heart. Normally we'd say "You've got the heart to do it"... though it seems this time, it's all soul and spirit.

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