A few minutes ago, I came across a post on the Billings Food Truck Tracker about Crazy Mary. A few days back, I heard there was an emergency for Mary, which led to her not being open, and now we know the extent of it.

On the 18th, Santanahs (another Billings Food Truck) posted the following:

Hey guys, Crazy Mary’s Fish n Chips will be temporarily closed until further notice due to a medical emergency last night. Please keep Mary in your thoughts and prayers and let’s hope we see a post from her soon. Much love!


Heart Attack

For as much as we joke around, one thing is for sure, Crazy Mary is a local celebrity in Billings. In the last year alone, she has weathered having to move her business from a brick & mortar location into a food truck, even after the COVID pandemic... which took a toll.

Now, today, it was announced via the Food Truck Tracker that Crazy Mary (Also known to loved ones as Mary Jackson) suffered a massive heart attack this past Monday, April 17th. Mary has been intubated and is currently in the ICU in Billings fighting.

We want to help

Insurance is expensive. My insurance alone is around $150 every paycheck... which is certainly a chunk of change. Mary is uninsured and will be saddled with these expenses out of pocket. Not to mention, her brand new food truck is sitting while she is in the hospital.

How YOU can help

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist Mary with her incoming expenses, and I encourage you to donate what you can. And remember, next time you see Mary, you can smile knowing you helped out a pillar of the Billings community.

I'll be donating shortly, and I look forward to seeing YOUR donations come in too.

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You'll fight this, Mary. Remind that heart of yours who YOU are, and you aren't done yet. I'll see ya in the Food Truck before you know it.

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