A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family of a teen who was killed in a devastating two-vehicle crash near downtown less than a week ago, and in only 3 days the donated amount on the site has reached more than 50 percent of the total goal.

19-year old Lexy Pyle was killed in the August 3 accident that occurred on 1st Avenue North, near the intersection with North 12th Street in downtown Billings. According to her Facebook page, Lexy attended Billings West High School, and lived in Laurel.

On the GoFundMe page, family and friends of Lexy Pyle said she was always "full of sunshine," and had a smile that would "light up the room." Always the "first to help others," Lexy was always "the biggest cheerleader for the underdog," according to the donation page.

Friends of Lexy Pyle said she was a "bright light," and the donation page said Lexy was "the purest, most kind and outstanding soul." Many of her friends commented that Lexy was "the person who sparked a change in each and every one of our lives."

Lexy Pyle's family said they will "never be the same without her smile," and that they were "so proud of the woman she was becoming."

A $30,000 goal was set when the GoFundMe page first posted 3 days ago (Friday), and as of the time this story was published, more than $15,000 has been raised. All money raised will go to pay for the memorial service, support Lexy's younger sister Taylor, and provide lost income support for her mother Melissa Sayler Dunn.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Lexi was such a beautiful soul. My heart breaks for your family. I’m so sorry she had to go in such an unfair way :(  -Monet Bjerken via GoFundMe for Lexy Pyle.

Two other individuals involved in the crash that killed Lexy Pyle were arrested, with one man being charged with "Vehicular Homicide while Under the Influence and three (3) counts of Felony Criminal Endangerment."

CLICK HERE to donate on the GoFundMe page for Lexy Pyle.

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