Sam Talkington, TSM











Our radio station is located in the Crown Plaza on the 23rd floor.  Yes, I know, swanky for a radio station.  You should see the way some of the people stare at me and Sam when we are getting on the elevator.  We love to make them talk with us, even when they look at us like they don't want to.

Went downstairs on my lunch hour and saw these guys pictured above hard at work.  Will the Crown Plaza remain nameless?  No way!  But today the Crown is being referred to as the 'Big Brick Tower Of Power'  before the new company puts up their new sign.  That's what us radio people are calling it.  Will be sure to get a pic of the new sign too.

If you hit traffic downtown on 1st Street this afternoon.  Now you know why.  They are changing the name of the Crown Plaza.