Well my older brother Number 1 (Dennis) lives here in Billings and Snake Eyes my younger brother (Andy) lives in Illinois. I get to see Snake Eyes about
once a year. Well No 1 took off and rode to Illinois a while back and then down to Tucson then back up to Vegas and met up with Snake Eyes in Colorado.
Snake Eyes is on a road trip with five or six other guys. Well the other night they were in Cody so when I got off work me and the Wifey jumped on the
bike and rode to Cody had a burger and a beer at the Silver Dollar with my two bros. Jumped back on the bike and headed home. It was a short visit but the
three Ts got to hang out for a bit. It's been years since we were all in one place at one time.

Oh yeah I'm the one in the middle they call me the Duce!----Sounds better than number 2.