A day never goes by that I don't think about how lucky we are to live in Billings, Montana. Most Americans would have to take off work for a week or more, travel for hours if not days, and spend thousands of dollars just to get to the Magic City.

Every morning when I wake up, I'm already here, and just a few hours car ride to some of the world's most sought out destinations.

There are unlimited experiences you can have on a day trip from Billings, many of which are in locations that most residents of our great country may only get to visit once in their lifetime, if ever. And as we all know, the photos never do it justice.

During a Billings visit by my parents, who live in Indiana, mom at age 79 and my dad who just turned 82, I was able to take them on a couple of day trips where they got to see what they called some of the "greatest views in their life," including their first trip ever through Yellowstone National Park.

Here are 10 amazing videos I took on our way through Yellowstone, and on the way to Mystic Lake through the Fishtail area:

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