Although he’s been keeping his manly assets under wraps while Van Halen has toured the states, the group’s arrival in the Great White North seems to have loosened up both singer David Lee Roth‘s belt buckle and inhibitions.

In fact, the singer has taken to showing off his tattooed upper buttock during performances of the band’s single ‘Tattoo,’ as seen in this clip from their March 17 concert in Toronto. The track come from their latest album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth.’

Reporting on the Van Halen’s Ottawa appearance on March 21, Ottawa Cititzen critic Peter Simpson identifies the tattoo as a gun. “[Roth] almost did let it all hang out mid-show, during the song ‘Tattoo,’” he writes. “He pulled down his pants — black leather, cross-stitched, tight and sparkly, a bold choice for a 56-year-old man — and showed off a tattoo on his butt. It was a gun, and on the giant, stage-wide screen behind him it looked as big as a Howitzer.”

UCR has previously reported on Roth’s admission to having a smaller tattoo of the King himself, Elvis Presley, on the singer’s lower leg. “I actually have a tattoo of Elvis,” he revealed in a video featurette on Van Halen News Desk. ”It’s right where my foot connects to my leg, and when I move my my foot up and down it’s like Elvis goes ‘thank you very much.’ I’m very popular with kids at Thanksgiving.”

Interestingly, Roth appears to be attempting to remove his boot in the clip below, just before he reaches for his behind. Could the elusive Elvis ink be making an appearance soon as well? Only time will tell — the band is back in the states now for a run of shows through the end of June. Concertgoers, roll your iPhone cameras.

Watch David Lee Roth Reveal His Tattoo During Van Halen’s Toronto Concert

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