Dear Facebook,

How long have we been together now? 12 years, according to you. We met in December 2008 and we started off so carefree. Our relationship was simple and fun. Remember when we first started hanging out? You prompted me every day with, "Michael is ____________" and I would tell you what I was eating, thinking and feeling. How cute was that?

Over the years we've grown together and you've helped me connect with existing family and friends, and even make a few new acquaintances. You've allowed me to easily share hundreds of photos and thanks to you I've somehow connected with over 1,900 people. Most of which I really don't know, but we've shared lots of laughs and good times.

As our relationship grew, you started to know me better. You began showing me things in my feed that you thought I would enjoy. I "liked" you more and more and soon we were spending SO much time together. You were giving me constantly updated news, information and oh-my-gosh, your MEMES! Lol, sometimes you just crack me up.

Lately, I feel like something is not right between us. You have started occupying way too much of my time, and not in a good way. You're not always honest with me and you share completely untrue things. You know everything about me! I know I gave you permission, but you've taken it too far. I give and I give and in turn you give me targeted marketing and troll bots.

On top of that, you're driving wedges between me and other real people in my life. You are making us fight about everything. Our addictive relationship has turned totally toxic and I need a break. I can't quit you cold-turkey. But I am removing your temptation to constantly check-in with you from my phone. Sure, I will pop in from time-to-time, but we'll be spending a lot less time together. I hope you understand. Maybe someday we can be pals again, but I need some space.



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