These days, trying to stay in the know about what is happening around our area requires scrolling ENDLESSLY through Facebook and Twitter. For years, Facebook had a simple button to press labeled "Most Recent", which would switch the feed to showing... the newest stuff. But, that button is gone now... so what do we do?

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"I Just Saw This On My Feed 4 Days Later!"

One of the most common comments I have been seeing is others having this same exact issue with Facebook. We share an article, and because their Facebook feed is using an algorithm to determine what "you" want to see first... you are missing things you REALLY want to see!

Great examples came over the summer. There were complaints about Food Trucks posting their menu, but it didn't appear on their feed until it was too late. The contests we've posted are lost in the mess. And so much more causing headaches.

No MORE. I've got your handy dandy solution to this problem, and I use it every day, to ensure I am seeing the LATEST on my social feed.

"Feeds" Is An Important Button

Have you ever clicked on the menu on Facebook on your computer or mobile app, and seen "Feeds"? Well, that little hidden button is SUPER important. If you are one, like me, who needs the latest information NOW... instead of scrolling through tons of old posts.

If you are on your computer, it's easy to find. In the sidebar, click "See More" and you'll find "Feeds" in that list.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

As for mobile, it's just as easy to find. Tap the menu in the bottom right, and click See More for "Your Shortcuts". You'll find Feeds in that list.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Also, as a bonus, you can sort by "All", "Favorites" (Meaning your favorite Friends and Pages, which you control), "Friends", "Groups" and "Pages".

See Ya Later, Algorithm!

Hopefully, this helps you experience the mess of Facebook a bit easier! I know it's helped me keep track of pages a lot easier. And I miss a whole lot less... while spending less time scrolling endlessly.

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