Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is clearly very excited about the band's new album.

During a visit to the One on One With Mitch Lafon podcast, which you can hear below, Collen said that the absence of a label or management company that could interfere with the sessions for the upcoming LP lent the proceedings an anything-goes spirit that produced what he thinks is some of the best music they've created in decades — in fact, he went so far as to compare the new cuts to the album that many consider the band's defining work.

"Normally, we'd go in and we'd always find 10 reasons why to not do an idea as opposed to just going with it. And this was the first time we've ever just sat around and every idea got a fair shot, you know. Everyone was, like, 'Oh, that's cool. Let's try that,'" explained Collen. "There was no negative approach to it. So that's something we've never done before and it was so amazing. It blew me away that we got so many things done. And, honestly, I really think this is the best album we've done since Hysteria."

That's high praise, and it undoubtedly leaves many fans even more eager to hear proof; unfortunately, Collen says that while the new record is basically finished, there could still be a significant wait before it finally arrives in stores.

"We've gotta have it mixed and mastered and all that stuff first. But I think all the recording parts are done. Yeah, you know, we wanted to get it ready for the start of the tour, but that's not gonna happen," he admitted. "So it'll be out some time while we're on tour. I don't exactly know when, you know, so we'll just have to play that by ear."

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