Have you ever wondered how people worth millions can be in such high positions to watch out for our well being?  I watched the State of the Union address last night and saw so much childish behavior and disrespect. Congresswomen dressed in white to show what--we got elected?  Good for you, that is part of the process. I don't care if you are a man or woman, grow up and act your age. I guess our message to the younger generation is if you don't get your way, whine, cry, stomp your feet and act like you have suction cups on your arse during a speech.  Don't do anything to fix what the problem is. Dressing up in white to show solidarity? Really, come and hang out with all of the guys who are bald in solidarity. We have coffee on Saturday.

And then following the speech, a local news anchor was also decked out in white. Really? Let's see, what other group all dressed up in white a few years back.  Hmm?  A speaker of the house who is so full of hate, she feels the need to show the nation that she wants to win at tetherball on the playground. This picture of her looks like she is saying "nanny, nanny poo, poo, we won't let you have anything. I'm a power hungry rich politician."

Many of these "elected" people are multimillionaires and say they want to now tax the rich 70%. Go for it. You are first in line if you can pass the bill first, so you can read it later.  Other people think they should not get a paycheck during government shutdowns.  REALLY?  This is just a side hustle to them, they don't "need" the job. They have plenty of money. They are there for power and fame. OK, rant is over.

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