If you've been on Facebook in the last few days, and are on the Billings Customer Service Watchdog page, you likely have noticed an influx of a BUNCH of people complaining about their Spectrum bills. And, no, you aren't going crazy. Your bill, along with many others, jumped this month. Here's what I learned.

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(This article contains information about MY particular billing issues, which you may or may not also be experiencing. This is an informational piece, with some opinion mixed in.)

So... Why The Sudden Increase?

When I went to pay my bill this month, I noticed MY bill had jumped up... and was immediately confused as to WHY this happened. I got no notices from Spectrum (that I was aware of), and nowhere that I could see in the Spectrum.net dashboard could tell me why. So, after a few calls, I DID learn what caused MY bill to jump.

First: Check Your Account For Errors

Let's address an issue we discovered when looking into my account, and I'd recommend you check your account too. My email address was flipped around. No idea HOW, but it was, and that was the reason for not receiving the "paper" statement in my email (I opted into paperless when I moved to my current home).

Second: Here's Where Spectrum Puts That Information

The reason as to WHY your bill jumped is actually on... that statement. But not THIS MONTHS statement. It will be shown on the prior statement, and possibly the one before, in the right-hand sidebar.

It is ALSO available under "View News and Information" in your dashboard on Spectrum.net, under Billing. (Thanks to the caring rep who taught me how to use this dashboard... it needs help.)

Third: What actually changed my bill?

Turns out, in MY case, my bill jumped thanks to a promotional discount expiring. But, Spectrum automatically put me onto ANOTHER promotional discount... but for not quite as much.

Fourth: What Can I Do About My Higher Bill?

What I did was... pick up the phone, and call. Now, admittedly, my first call to Spectrum wasn't stellar... and didn't even teach me what the issue actually was. The 2nd rep deserved a raise, honestly. She walked me through the dashboard, discovered the email address issues, and even figured out a way to bring my bill back down a bit.

Overall, that solved my issues with Spectrum... but what issues are YOU having? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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