I was out checking on the Christmas lights this morning on my house. I must say it is pretty fancy: One string across my gutter line.  I'm it's sure stunning to most of my neighbors!  Then, I came across these footprints in the snow.  Being a well Montana trained hunter, I knew exactly what it was. This, my friends, are the tracks of the famed Jack-a-Lope.

Rarely seen in Montana, the Jack-a-Lope actually migrates from Wyoming. These fierce beasts get the size of a large jackrabbit and sport the impressive rack on their heads of an antelope. In my many years on this earth, I've heard the tales of prairie pioneers running in fear as a herd of Jack-a-Lope would bound across the fields, making cattle and wild horses run.

My grandfather had the head of a Jack-a-Lope mounted in his living room. I have never run across this scary animal in person.  I was wondering why I heard a ruckus outside my house last night and then realized it is rutting season for Jack-a-Lope. Seeing the tracks confirmed my thoughts. Be safe for the next few days and remember this animal does not like carrots so don't approach it!

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