A&E's "Dogs Of War" 2K-9 Race

What is a Service dog?  Or Therapy dog? Or Emotional Support dog.  I saw a news story out of Bozeman where a woman won $37,000 in a discrimination case.  She had a service dog and alleged her landlord was charging her more rent because of it.

So what is a Service dog?  They are trained to do work or tasks for individuals with disabilities.  They can retrieve dropped items, bracing someone who is unsteady, closing and opening doors, waking someone with PTSD from a nightmare.  Landowners and business owners can't say "no" to a Service dog.  Different types of Service dogs include Sensory, Mobility, Hearing, Guide and Psychiatric dogs.  Many times you will see a Service dog wearing a vest, but they are not required to wear them.

Emotional Support animals are different than a Service dog, because they are just for comfort. The Federal Government allows and emotional support animal to travel on airplanes, but don't have the same access to public places as a Service dog.

I know a lady to has and Emotional Support dog.  She will take the dog over to my sisters and then leave for the day.  (I think she is walking a thin line on that one)

My Mother-in-Law is a resident at St. Johns here in Billings and I know the have a few dogs in the facility to comfort the residents

So, that's just the very tip of the iceberg for information.

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