Recently, former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson admitted to cheating drug tests, using someone else's sample (and a fake member) to hide the fact that he was on cocaine for during his career. Does this revelation hurt his legacy at all?

Iron Mike, in his autobiography 'Undisputed Truth,' confessed to going to the ring while high on cocaine in some of his fights, and before his infamous press conference ambush on Lennox Lewis in 2002, where Tyson bit Lewis in the leg.

While cocaine isn't a performance-enhancing drug in the same way that human growth hormone is, it is a stimulant and could have increased Tyson's energy and alertness in the ring. Tyson's cocaine use could easily be argued as a form of cheating in the boxing world.

Considering the career Tyson had, it will be interesting to see if these confessions change the way people view his accomplishments in the ring.

Does Tyson's drug confession taint his legacy?

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