Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will miss the remainder of the season with a torn meniscus in his right knee, right after he finished rehabbing a torn ACL. Will Rose ever be the same player again?

One thing that Rose has working in his favor is his patience. He took more time than most players take to rehab his ACL injury, and came back a more physically solid player as a result. Meniscus injuries typically take around six months to heal but, by already declaring himself out for the season, Rose will give himself 11 months to rehab.

However, it's not hard to draw comparisons to former Milwaukee Bucks star Michael Redd when you think of Rose's situation. After Redd suffered multiple knee injuries, he was never able to play the same way again, something that Bulls fans are terrified of in the case of Rose.

Will Derrick Rose ever be the same?

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